WorkSafe Initiative

  • 21% of full-time employed adults say they are victims of intimate partner violence.

The Mary Byron Project’s WorkSafe Initiative helps business leaders become proactive about supporting and protecting employees who are victims of intimate partner violence and those who work with them.  

Over 12 million American women and men are physically or sexually harassed by a partner each year. With 74% of that group reporting that they have been harassed at work, it follows that intimate partner violence has very real implications for American workplaces.  Intimate partner violence concerns employers because it endangers employee health and safety, and negatively impacts company productivity. 

However, we understand that many companies and business leaders are uncertain about their role in this issue and want to respect their employees’ privacy. 

Our WorkSafe Initiative was created to help address this uncertainty and provide the following to your company:
  • Assistance in developing or tailoring your company’s policies and procedures around the issues of intimate partner violence and stalking.
  • Resources for managers and staff, both to raise awareness of the issue and to assist employees who are experiencing violence at home.
  • Training for managers and staff, which will:

           1. Provide an understanding of intimate partner violence and it’s impact.

           2. Illustrate the ways intimate partner violence can be present in the workplace.

           3. Familiarize employees with workplace policy and reporting procedures.

           4. Inform about available resources for employees who are experiencing violence.

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