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The Mary Byron Legal Fellows Program is a leadership and skill-building program that equips attorneys to provide pro bono legal services to victims of intimate partner violence. The year-long program includes interactive training sessions and mentoring to help attorneys understand the dynamics of intimate partner violence, improve their persuasive legal writing skills, and inspire them to creatively apply the law to assist victims of intimate partner violence. Monthly programming includes topics such as Intimate Partner Violence in the Justice System, Zealous Representation with a Trauma Informed Approach, Preserving the Record for Appeal, Appellate Procedure, and Oral Arguments in IPV-Related Cases. Attorneys participating in the program agree to provide pro bono appellate legal services in the Mary Byron Project’s Appellate Advocacy Program for a period of up to three years or for a minimum of five appeals.  

Our commitment.  We commit to delivering top quality, interesting, and interactive instruction and CLE content that will enhance your skill set, marketability, and advocacy no matter what kind of law you practice. We commit to inspiring you to creatively think about the problem of intimate partner violence and how the law can help victims become and stay survivors, hold offenders accountable, and be part of the end of intimate partner violence. We commit to mentoring and supporting you as you offer your services to assist victims of intimate partner violence through our Appellate Advocacy Program.  

Our expectations.  We expect you to be open to learning about the experiences of victims of intimate partner violence and how to relate to them honestly about the law and with empathy for their circumstances. We expect that you will give approximately 2 hours per month to attending and participating in training sessions and activities. We expect that you will commit to be an attorney volunteer in our Appellate Advocacy Program following completion of the program. We expect you to accept instruction, mentorship, and constructive criticism throughout the program. Our expectation is that you will grow in skill and ability as an attorney and that you will grow in concern and knowledge about the problem of intimate partner violence. 

Click here to download the application.  Interested applicants can apply between January 15th- March 1st, 2021.