Our Work


The Celebrating Solutions Awards showcase and applaud local innovations that demonstrate promise in breaking the cycle of violence. We select programs that can serve as models for the nation and offer $10,000 cash awards in recognition of their pioneering efforts. Nominations are judged by a panel of experts in criminal justice, health care, and public policy, and other disciplines that address intimate partner violence.


The fifth Celebrating Solutions Award, the Roth Award, was created specifically for programs that address the needs of underserved populations. These programs provide services based on characteristics that include age, race, ethnicity, gender, faith, disabilities,  low socio-economic status, non-English speaking,  sexual orientation,  and surprisingly, victims from economically-comfortable suburban  areas who traditionally do not know how to avail themselves of services or who are too ashamed to find them. 


The WorkSafe Initiative helps business leaders become proactive about supporting and protecting employees who are victims of intimate partner violence and those who work with them.  We understand that many companies are uncertain about their role in this issue and want to respect their employees’ privacy. Our WorkSafe Initiative was created to help address this uncertainty and provide guidance, training and policy development support.


The Mary Byron Project Scholars Program was established in memory of Mary Byron, a 1991 graduate of Assumption High School. The scholarship program is designed for students who wish to undertake a leadership opportunity among their peers and in the community relating to intimate partner and dating violence education and prevention.