MBP Office Furniture

In anticipation of our move down the street, we are going to need to get rid of the office furniture we purchased a few years ago.  We have posted some pictures below, but please feel free to stop by our office if you'd like a closer look at the furniture. 
1.  Cost?  If you wish to donate to MBP to thank us for your getting lovely furniture at no cost, that would be wonderful.  We are not putting a price on any of these.
2.  When?  We’ll be emptying these out by next Wednesday, so they will be available anytime after that but will need to be out of our office by June 30.
3.  How?  We unfortunately do not have moving people or trucks to help you out, so if you wish the furniture, you will have to figure out how to get it out of our office and into your hands.
4.  First come first served, so let us know ASAP by emailing cassied@marybyronproject.org or calling our office at 502.992.3444.

L-Shaped Desk- SOLD

66' W x 72" D x 29" H

Cabinet- Medium finish- SOLD

34.5" W x 22.5' D x 29" H

Bookshelf with cabinets (Two available)- SOLD

29" W x 14" D x 64" H

Cabinet- Dark finish (Two available)- SOLD

36" W x 24" D x 29" H 

Small desk- SOLD

48" W x 24" D x 28.5" H

Rolling cabinet with two removable shelves- SOLD

23" W x  21" D x 31" H

Small table

35" D x 29" H