Celebrating Solutions and Roth Awards

In 2003, the Mary Byron Project created the Celebrating Solutions Awards to showcase and applaud local innovations that demonstrate promise in breaking the generational cycle of intimate partner violence.  Programs selected serve as a model for the nation.

In recognition that so many of the applicants for this award were highlighting programs for underserved or vulnerable populations, another Celebrating Solutions award, called the Roth Award, was added in 2012 and designated specifically for this category.

During the 16 years that the awards were given, 67 Celebrating Solutions and Roth awards have been presented to programs in 30 states.  In addition to the prestige of receiving this highly competitive and selective honor, the recipients receive $10,000 in unrestricted funds.

MBP has been told by the winners of these awards and other programs that applied that the experience of filling out the application, and/or speaking to a staff member at MBP who helped them think through their application was invaluable.

It was also rewarding for MBP’s national panel of reviewers to know that communities and agencies, some whose service work did not traditionally benefit domestic violence survivors, were working to find solutions to end this heinous crime.

MBP is no longer accepting applications for these awards, but we encourage you to read through the past winners’ applications and think about how to help your community by replicating a proven winner.

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