Giving Tuesday at The Mary Byron Project

The leftovers are gone. The frantic Friday shopping is done. The cyber-deals have been ordered. What
next? Giving Tuesday. But why should you give? And why should you give to The Mary Byron Project? I’ll
tell you why I’m giving. I hope you’ll do the same.
In the interest of transparency, let me first tell you that I’m employed by The Mary Byron Project so feel
free to think that my giving is at least partially motivated by self-interest. It is. And maybe, just maybe
you like me too so that’s enough reason for you to give to The Mary Byron Project. But maybe not. In
that case, you should read on for my top 3 other reasons to donate to The Mary Byron Project today.
#1. Because every child deserves to grow up in a safe home. When one parent abuses another in the
home, children are in danger. I remember a little girl telling me that she couldn’t tell about her mother’s
boyfriend’s sexual abuse of her because she was scared he would kill them both since he threatened her
and she’d seen him angry at her mom and breaking things before. No child should be that scared at
#2. Because shopping, working, eating out, etc., should be safe activities. Recent studies report that
about half of all mass shootings are linked to domestic violence. About one-quarter of all workplace
violence is related to intimate partner violence. It is dangerous to ignore intimate partner violence
because it often occurs in private.
#3. Because I am grateful to be alive and want more women to stay that way. On average three women
per day are killed by a current or former intimate partner. While intimate partner violence can be
perpetrated by men or women against men or women, the majority of victims and survivors are women.
They deserve better.
The Mary Byron Project is enhancing justice to end intimate partner violence through appellate
advocacy, education and training, and legislative and policy work. Your donation will help us make the
law a better protector of survivors of intimate partner violence. It will help us make the law hold abusers
more accountable. Hopefully, it will help us bring an end to intimate partner violence, case by case.
Will you join me? Will you give today? Give today at
Thanks for your generosity! -Dorislee