Fight Continues for Dating Violence Legislation . . .

As many of you are aware, the General Assembly did not pass the historic dating violence legislation introduced by House Judiciary Chairman John Tilley.  This was a session bogged down with controversy, first over redistricting, and then over the regulation of pseudoephedrine.  But the fight continues.  Chairman Tilley is committed to this issue and committed to bringing Kentucky in line with the 46 other states that protect victims of dating violence through access to protective orders.  To help, go to facebook and ‘like” our page, No1atRisk.  Follow us on Twitter @No1atRisk.  We will keep you updated as the fight continues.


Here’s Chairman Tilley’s statement:


 ometimes the legislative process doesn’t allow us to make changes as quickly as we would like.   From the pseudoephedrine debate to an ever-increasing budget crisis, the 2012 Regular Session was riddled with challenges. Although we didn’t pass a dating violence bill this session, we have taken some very important steps.

 Having learned how critically important it is to study teen dating violence, I worked this session to establish the Unified Juvenile Code Task Force that will be conducting a study during the interim to determine how this problem can best be addressed in the Commonwealth. Because females ages 16-24 are more vulnerable to intimate partner violence than any other age group (at a rate almost triple the national average), this study will be a significant factor in proving a real need for dating violence legislation.

 I am working with Senate Judiciary Chairman Tom Jensen to make sure the Task Force’s findings, as they pertain to dating violence, tops our agenda during the interim. Without the distractions and stressors of a legislative session, the interim will provide us the opportunity to reach out to all members of the General Assembly and address any concerns or misgivings. This research and meaningful dialogue will help our chances of passing this legislation in 2013.

Oftentimes enacting the most important legislation takes patience and persistence. I realize we’ve talked about protecting young people in dating relationships for a number of years. Although there continues to be resistance, we have created great momentum in overcoming it.  Please know you have my commitment to continuing this dialogue with the goal of passing this important legislation.