Legislative Fight For Protection for Victims of Dating Violence Begins

Violence knows no  boundaries.  It happens to victims of all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic classes.  Violence isn’t particular to one age group or another.  Victims may be seniors or young people – or any age in-between.  It does not just occur when people live together, are married, or have children in common, although currently these are the only categories of citizens who can seek emergency protection under Kentucky law. 

Forty-six other states have laws allowing people in a dating relationship to apply for emergency protection.  Kentucky can’t afford to wait for more tragic loss to move us to action.  Many of our citizens are at risk.

So, for the first time, the Mary Byron Project is playing a leading role in advocating for passage of legislation in Frankfort to fill a gap in the law.

We are calling on everyone in the Commonwealth to be a part of No1@ Risk – a coalition of Kentuckians working to pass a bill that will allow victims in dating relationships to seek the protection afforded by Protective Orders

Our organization was named for a young woman who was murdered by a man she had dated.  Because of community outrage and a combined effort from her family, local government, and the private sector, the system known as VINE, Victim Information and Notification Everyday, was created. 

Kentucky’s leadership resulted in one of the most innovative systems of public protection in the nation.   VINE is now in thousands of communities in nearly every state, saving lives and empowering victims.

Now it is time for us to join the rest of the nation in recognizing that violence between intimate partners is an epidemic in this country.  It does not begin when people live together, have a child together, or marry- it begins when the perpetrator feels a loss of control over the victim.

The time is now.  Help us in this important fight.  Your life or the life of someone you know and love depends on it.