Mary Byron thought the law would protect her.

It didn't and she was viciously killed by an abusive ex-boyfriend she thought was in jail. Today there are still many like Mary, who seek protection from continuing intimate partner violence. At the Mary Byron Project, we believe the law should protect them and we strive to make sure it is doing so.

More about the Project


Awareness Campaigns

We believe intimate partner violence can be prevented and eliminated within our society.

Change will result when local communities confront the root causes of intimate partner violence and develop solutions to break the cycle.  From providing business leaders with the tools to keep their workplaces safe, to empowering young people to play a role in ending intimate partner violence in future generations, we are helping build safer communities.

Shaping Leadership

We're creating leaders in the movement to end violence by empowering through knowledge. 

We've offered various types of training designed to help professionals and community groups understand the dynamics of intimate partner violence, the application of law to situations involving domestic abuse and dating violence, and the need for changes in workplaces, courtrooms, and other community settings..