Fostering Innovations and Strategies to
End Domestic Violence

The Mary Byron Project was established in 2000 in memory of the young woman whose tragic murder led to the creation of automated crime victim notification technologies. As a nationally recognized thought leader on domestic violence, the Mary Byron Project cultivates and supports efforts that extend beyond crisis management to attack the root causes of this epidemic and help build safer, healthier communities.


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The deadline has been extended to apply for the 2016 Celebrating Solutions Awards, and 2016 Roth Award. Click the link to download your application!

2016 Celebrating Solutions


The Mary Byron Project created the Celebrating Solutions Awards to showcase and applaud local innovations that demonstrate promise in breaking the cycle of intimate partner violence. We select programs that can serve as models for the nation and offer $10,000 cash awards in recognition of their pioneering efforts. Nominations are judged by a panel of experts in criminal justice, health care, and public policy, and other disciplines that address domestic violence.



2016 Roth Award:


The Roth Award, the 5th Celebrating Solutions Award, was created specifically for programs that address the issue of intimate partner violence in an underseved or vulnerable population.  These programs provide services to  those who are identified as such based on characteristics that include age, race, ethnicity, gender, faith, disabilities,  low socio-economic status, non-English speaking,  sexual preference,  and surprisingly, victims from economically-comfortable suburban  areas who traditionally do not know how to avail themselves of services or who are too ashamed to find them. In general, there is a lack of resources for these specific populations, or the individuals have difficulty accessing available resources.


Apply Now until February 7, 2016


Have you heard about the WorkSafe Initiative???

Nearly 33% of female homicide victims in the U.S. were killed by a current or former intimate partner between 2003 and 2008. The Mary Byron Project, the Kentucky Commission on Women and the Kentucky State Police are working together to help business leaders become proactive about protecting employees who are victims of domestic violence. 

Click Here for more information about the WorkSafe Initiative


Since its inception, The Mary Byron Project has donated more than $600,000 to nearly 35 organizations across the country that have been able to demonstrate innovative, proven solutions. With your contributions, we can help even more!    


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